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Acrobat, aerialist, and advocate for self-love and body positivity. 


I believe that movement shouldn't come from a place of self-loathing or punishment, but from self-love, excitement, learning, and joy.

I've tried the diets, the body hate, the self-punishing workouts, and I've struggled with disordered eating.  A few years ago, I started to find resources and tools that helped me change my perspective and choose freedom, compassion, and love.  Now, I want to be one of those resources for someone else.


I love performing because I want to inspire others to move joyfully, and I love coaching and choreographing because I want to help people discover their confidence and creativity.

Check out the links below or go to my contact page to connect with me, ask me about an event or idea you have, or just to chat.  Let's make the world a little brighter and more compassionate together. 

<3 Kaelibeth

Hey! I'm Kaelibeth.

looking for encouragement, body positivity, and good vibes? join me on my journey to letting go of perfection here:

looking for an aerialist, acrobat, choreographer, or coach? get started here:

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