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When will I see you on "So you think you can dance" ?! - Stephanie, YouTube

Message me to get a quote or to learn more about how I can create the right routine for you!

Choreographed Pieces

Choreographed Pieces

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I have over 20 years of experience competing, performing, and leading creative art programs such as acrobatic gymnastics, aerial silks, theatre, choir, and more.  I have choreographed numerous performances for galas, dance recitals, musical theatre productions and acrobatic competitions. I created and directed a 2 hour long showcase for a team of over 50 athletes, overseeing the costuming, music, storyline, transitions, lighting, and choreography for routines including tumbling, hand balancing, acro yoga, mini tramp, trapeze, aerial silks, Russian bar, teeterboard, cheer stunting, acrobatics, banquine, juggling, lyra, hoop, and diabolo.  Not only will I choreograph an engaging and dynamic performance or competition piece to fit your needs, I can help you with every step of the creative process, from music editing to the finished routine. Contact me today so we can take your performance to the next level.

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