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Kaelibeth made a huge impact on me as a gymnast and aerialist!  She helped me improve more than any other coach I ever had. - Lizzie, Student

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Coaching Experience

Coaching Experience

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I have over 20 years of experience competing and performing acrobatic gymnastics, tumbling, aerial silks, and more.  I have shared my passion with aspiring acrobats nationwide and even internationally.  I've coached toddlers & adults, beginners & experts.  I have been coaching professionally for 10 years, and have guided dancers, cheerleaders, tumblers, wrestlers, and aerialists to higher levels of achievement.  I've taught mass handstand and aerial clinics to thousands of athletes, and I've helped a stay-at-home mom gain enough confidence to try aerial dance for the first time in her life.  Whether you are looking for a clinician for the biggest event of the year, or are searching for guidance as you begin your fitness journey for the first time, reach out and let's talk about how to achieve your goals.

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